Bourbon is as American as apple pie, but you don’t always have to pour it to enjoy the tradition. While society used to have to gather in traditional gentlemen’s lounges or within home parlors to enjoy their spirit of choice, nowadays it can be lauded anywhere and in almost anything. It’s true: for new patrons and connoisseurs alike, today bourbon culture extends far beyond the glass. We’ve partnered with the new movie Kingsman: The Golden Circle and Old Forester to bring you bourbon-themed products that will enhance your lifestyle with a touch of savory sophistication.

1. Smell Like A Gentleman

The special edition Kingsman Shave Collection inspired by cask-aged bourbon and featuring bourbon amber aroma will instantly conjure thoughts of illustrious men of leisure. With pre-shave oil, shaving cream and aftershave balm, you may feel emboldened to become the best version of yourself, too! An air of prestige will indeed surround you wherever your journey takes you.

2. Flash A Dignified Smile

Taking care of your personal appearance is so much more fun with these high-end toothpicks. Dubbed Bourbon No. 22, these sleek instruments of proper hygiene are made with the essence of straight bourbon whiskey. The extracts of this barrel-aged spirit pay homage to the American tradition with phenols embedded directly in the birch. That’s certainly something to smile about!

3. Relax With Mood Lighting

Influence the ambiance of your home with bourbon-scented candles from Bourbon & Boots. Made with upcycled liquor bottles from favorite American distilleries, these elegant candles not only diffuse the sweet bourbon scent, but also emit a cozy light that’s ideal for evenings spent reading novels or setting the right tone for a romantic candle-lit dinner. Cheers to that!

4. Upgrade Your Dapper Look

Showcase your style with these cufflinks that emulate the rich and storied history of bourbon itself. The rustic cufflinks are hand-crafted from bourbon barrels so each pair will be as unique as the bourbon flavors that originally infused into the wood. Your handshake might just be a little firmer knowing that you’re sporting the ultimate menswear accessory.

5. Savoring A Morning Ritual

Seize the day by starting it with this maple syrup that is first aged six months in bourbon barrels before it hits your plate. This American breakfast staple by Pappy & Company is the perfect addition to liven up your pancakes in the morning. With refined notes of vanilla, oak and bourbon, fueling up for the day has never been more tasty. Some things get better with age and breakfast should be one of them!

6. Boost Tea Time With A Kick

Take your cup of tea to the next level with Elmwood Inn’s Bourbon Black Tea . With one sip, you’ll be daydreaming of the rugged Kentucky countryside. The aromas of the region’s signature spirits mixed with vanilla and caramel are sure to rev up your afternoon tea. And when you brew a cup of this one-of-kind blend, you may just absorb its debonair flair. Pinkies out.

*Above article by RYOT Studio

In celebration of the upcoming release of Kingsman: The Golden Circle, in theaters September 22, the limited edition Bourbon Amber collection is well suited for the modern gentleman looking to elevate his grooming routine to a grooming ritual.

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